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Terms & Conditions


All orders comprise of our Free Post Returns Service and Return Delivery by Royal Mail Tracked 24. There are options for you to either post your device via your own courier or use our Next Day Free Returns Address at Checkout. Our Free Returns Address service only covers loss of goods up to the price of £500. If your item is more than £500, and you would like to cover it, there is a requirement to select a courier of your own choice. Items shipped to you must be inspected upon delivery. For any damaged items received by the courier, please contact us straightaway.

The Post Office expresses that they intend to deliver Royal Mail Tracked 24 the next working day - click here to read more. Nonetheless, in certain situations it may take up to 10 working days, please click the link to read Royal Mail's Terms And Conditions.
Considering that we offer our own free shipping service, we will not compensate any extra shipping expenses made by consumers.

In exceptional circumstances, if the device happens to get lost in the post, we require a duplication of the receipt with evidence of the tracking service (barcode) and the genuine receipt of the purchased good to request a claim.
This procedure may take up to 28 days to be administered before any additional action can be taken. If you would prefer to collect your parcel from your nearest UK Mail Depot or to re-arrange your delivery please click here.
Purchasing items in relation to The Phone Expert, the courier is chosen by the company and is unable to be altered by request. Due to it being signed for service, we cannot leave it with a neighbour or in a ‘safe’ place. All orders that have dispatched are not able to have any alteration to them i.e. change the address.

If there is a requirement to change the address either on your additional payment or original order, please inform us before the transmitting procedure, this can be done by emailing us with information of your new address.

In relation to notes that have been left at checkout for certain requests or dates, we can not promise for this request to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, we can guarantee it will be posted within 24-48 hours, if any errors arise you will be informed.

For any damaged items, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible on Please ensure that you do not dispose of any of the packaging, as this will be needed in support of proceeding the claim. If we do not have this your claim for the device will not be able to take effect. Claims may take up to 28 days to complete.


Please take your parcelled device to your local post office (please do not take the package directly to the post box, as this may cause interruptions in the service). Please ensure to acquire a receipt with a bar code on from the Post Office, this will enable you to track your parcel. Failure to meet this requirement results in your parcel being unable to be tracked.

For devices which are to be returned, you can use the same postage label offered in the original confirmation email sent out.

For any separate parts included, when sending your device, you are sending these at your own risk and we have no responsibility for these items if they were to go missing before your package has been received by us. It is important for you to make sure that these parts are completely sealed and wrapped so no goods are lost in the process.

International Customers (Outside UK):

For International consumers, there is a requirement for you to organise your own courier to get the device to us and pay an extra £20 fee to get the device sent back to you using our safeguarded international postal service.


Payment can be made by Credit Card or Debit Card via the Sage Pay secure payment gateway or PayPal.


Prices are subject to change. Promotional items state the price and duration and such prices only apply at the time of the promotion. All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery charges except otherwise stated.

No Fix, No Fee Policy - This does not cover all repairs, such as water damage and diagnostic. However, each case will be individually considered and a full refund will be handed out based on our discretion.

Non Refundable Repairs:

A number of our repairs are non refundable, this incorporates liquid damage repairs and/or liquid damage related repairs and diagnostics if you decide not to proceed with the repair.


All repairs (with the exception of software related, battery and water damaged devices) come with a 1-year warranty. Repairs related to battery come with 3 months’ warranty. In relation to physical or accidental damage or if the device was opened before your handling. If the classification of the repair falls outside the terms of your warranty or guarantee, then you may encounter a fee for the repair.

Our warranty does not cover repairs on Wifi Faults on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Devices repaired by a third party after it has been fixed by The Phone Expert will void the warranty on your device. This incorporates both repaired and purchased devices.

The warranty only covers the original repair. For instance, if you paid for a screen repair and it becomes faulty, you will be covered with a 6 month warranty. If any extra faults arise that are not associated to the original repair this will not be safeguarded under warranty and will need to be paid for.
The warranty for refurbished phones and tablets sold by The Phone Expert differs depending on the device and only covers manufacturing defects.
If the fault is not related to this or happens outside of the warranty period, an extra cost may occur. It does not cover physical or accidental damage.

If the device is damaged it shall not be covered under warranty, even if a payment is made for repair of the device due to any faults that may occur in the future.


Devices damaged beyond economical repair through our neglect or wilful misconduct malpractice, our obligation will be reduced to the cost of stipulating a replacement with an item that is either identical or similar to your device. You are solitarily responsibility for any storage of data on your device, thus we can not be held accountable for loss or corruption of such date howsoever caused. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure data is backed up according to your preference.

In relation to sending in damaged devices, our mechanics will need to open up the device to either detect the problem or mend it. This is a hazardous procedure, which may result in small damages to your device. However, please be assured as we will try the safest and most suitable procedure to ensure that this doesn’t happen, nevertheless, damage does occur and they are significant we will offer a replacement or repair.

We take no liability for previous repairs that may have damaged or resulted in a fault within the device.
Repairs regarding screen repair or home button repair for iPhones, The Phone Expert will not be held liable if the Touch ID feature does not work after the repair is carried out.

Repair Process & Delays:

Our company’s objective is to repair your device within 24-48 hours of receiving it. However, due to certain circumstances, we cannot promise this due to every repair varying in time and difficulty. Although most repairs get done on the same day, at times we may encounter further issues that slow the repair down.
You will be notified if your repair would take longer than usual, with the estimated completion date and the reason behind the delay.
If any new parts need to be ordered, the repair procedure may be delayed. We will keep you informed throughout the process of fixing your device.

Please be aware diagnostics may take longer than usual repairs as our qualified specialists take great care at looking at every component of the device and check for faulty parts. However, we cannot guarantee your device will be repaired after we identify the fault. Please be ensure that most devices that we diagnose are repaired.
Samsung Devices screen repairs can cause difficulties as there is a chance of the LCD breaking because of the glue needed to bond the glass to the LCD. There are not many repairers like us who offer just a glass repair, which effectively passes the savings on to the customer, but sometimes the LCD may break, to prevent this from occurring, we advise the consumer about the process about to happen and the chance of it breaking.
We also ask for authorisation to continue, as we will not be liable for the cost of the replacement LCD.
Here is an estimation of how long our repairs may take:
Liquid Damage repairs can take up to 7 - 14 days.
Any Motherboard related repairs can take up to 7 - 14 days.
Any Software related repairs can take up to 7 - 14 days.

An estimated time for completion of the repair service will be given to you once you send your device in for repair. Please note, this is an ESTIMATION ONLY, this is by no means a formation of a contract under the terms of this agreement.
If we obtain any device that has been sent in with no damages to it, we will deliver it back and repay you the difference. Please be aware that there will be a £12 handling fee deducted, this covers postage & diagnostic costs.

Additional Repairs:

Mobile devices that have been sent in to us for a repair are thoroughly tested by a numerous of diverse testers and departments, occasionally extra faults are found. If we find an additional fault with your mobile device, we will email you an additional repair fee request. It is your choice to continue with the process or not. If you authorise us to proceed with the repair, once we receive the additional payment, your mobile device will be given back to our technicians to continue work. If you choose to decline, we will discontinue work and send the mobile device back as it is. For any questions regarding additional repairs, please do contact us via email.

Water Proof Repairs:

Technical equipment such as special machines and special liquid proof gaskets are originally sealed in the manufactures factory for mobile devices that are retailed as being waterproof.
Repairs regarding waterproof devices involves opening and closing the device, thus we cannot guarantee that your device will be 100% waterproof after the repair process has been completed.
Please be ensured that we do replace all compulsory gaskets but only the manufacturers of the device have access to the specialised equipment needed. Nonetheless, our skilled technicians use top of range equipment, whilst exercising the most suited techniques.


The first step for our qualified testers and technicians is to test the device when it reaches us and before it is dispatched. We test a numerous amount of elements of the device, this incorporates the buttons, vibration, sound, cameras, charging port, Wifi, speakers, signal, front screen, LCD display, power settings and more. This helps us ensure that do not any faults and deliver an unbeatable service.

Your Data:

Our repairs are conducted in a proficient manner, however we cannot promise data will be on the device once it is returned to you, therefore please ensure that your device is either wiped or you have a secure back up via your functional system before sending your device to us. Unfortunately, we do not offer a data recovery service. Any security locks must be removed before you send your device to us. We recommend that all sim cards, memory cards and accessories are removed from the device before it is distributed to us for repair, as we will not be responsible for the loss. An update on your iOS system may be compulsory for us to ensure a trustable repair, you will be informed if your device has been updated.

By sending your mobile device for repair to The Phone Expert, you approve to release us from all claims, damages or losses in regards to the mobile device, any data stored therein or on any media used in conjunction with the mobile device (for example, personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data). We are not liable for the security, protection privacy or use of such data and it is an obligation of the customer to make sure that such data is erased from the mobile device before sending the device to The Phone Expert.


Should you decide to cancel your repair your order will be entirely refundable, however this must be done before you send the device. When we have received the device, it is entirely conditional in accordance to the repairs that need to be carried out, thus we may not be able to cancel. However, if your cancellation is successful, an additional postage fee shall be withheld from your repair cost.

To cancel, please email

We have the right to make changes to this website and terms and conditions.

We operate a no fix, no fee policy.

Emailing & Messaging:

Our goal collectively as a team is to answer all emails and messages within 24 hours. If we receive your email or message during a Sunday or Bank Holiday however, you may expect to wait a prolonged period than usual.


Insurance covers consumers who can postulate an authentic tracking code for the assistance we have delivered to you, your own courier services are not included.

This is entirely dependent on the value of your device or £500, whichever is the inexpensive amount, this will cover for an alike replacement of the device that has been sent in.

The insurance is for when the device is being processed in transit only.

Our insurance covers postal loss only, we will cover loss of your device only when it fails to be delivered and the courier company we have used accept the item is genuinely lost.

If there is a deficient amount of secure packaging, the claim may be negated.

If any packaging of the device has been altered, we will not cover the loss of this item. Moreover, if damage has occurred due to postal handling process, we will not cover for this either.

For any devices that have been replaced for an alike model, the consumer will receive a 3-month The Phone Expert warranty, this does not cover accidental damage. For devices that have been lost in the post, we cannot refund the repair or service you formerly bought, as the work has already been carried out. The substitution of your device will be in full working order.

This insurance cover is provided by The Phone Expert and not by Royal Mail.

Diagnostic Service:

The diagnostic payment covers shipping expenditures only and will be deduced from any repair cost if you continue to proceed with a repair.

Blocked Devices:

We will regret to inform that on legal grounds, we will not repair any device that has been bricked, blocked or jail-broken. We will send the device straight back to the consumer, and a full refund will be given. If it was send in for a diagnostic or liquid damage this will not be refunded.

The IMEI number must be visible on the device otherwise the repair will not be carried out and the device will be returned to you. We will charge you an admin fee of £12.


Our technicians will attempt to re-repair your mobile device twice after the original repair. If after this, the mobile device is still not repaired, we will issue refund (excluding postage costs). We will need to see the mobile device and make sure its faulty before issuing a refund. This excludes diagnostic and water damage related repairs.

Error 53:

Error 53 is an issue with Apple and The Phone Expert are not liable for this error disabling your Apple device after we have carried out a repair.


If you are unsatisfied with our service and wish to make a complaint, please email